Overnight Boarding For Sleepy Pups

New York City never sleeps and our DOGMA pups love to get their beauty rest while cozying up with their four legged and two legged friends.

Overnight Boarding Questions?  The Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page is super informative.

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Open Environment

Dogma gives each pup the opportunity to scout out their own best place for a good night’s snuggle in an open sleep environment. Some pups even sleep with their human dog attendant.  We have staff in house 24/7.

Crating:  Available upon request.

We Match Your Pups Sleeping Habits

During your pup’s stay at DOGMA, they will have the opportunity to play during the day, lounge and sleep with their friends at night.  We value your pups need for rest and naps.

Daycare & Enrichment Programs

Our two story facility sports big windows to let your dogs take in New York’s hustle and bustle.  Our staffers interact with pups and let dogs play with each other.  During morning hours toys are introduced.  We take each pup out for a 10 minute relief walk, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, weather permitting.

In the afternoons pups love to sun bathe while resting from a busy day of play and socializing.  Crates are available for feedings and naps.

We offer daily activities.  DOGMA believes that smart New York dogs need to be challenged and engaged.  Our Agility Play Groups and other classes offer that and more.

Before We Get Started

Meet & Greet + Daycare Before Boarding


Dogma requires every pup to have had at least 2-3 half day daycare experiences at DOGMA, in addition to the Meet & Greet.  This gives your pup the chance to play in an open environment with humans and other dogs.  Your pup will learn that DOGMA is place that It comes visit and gets to leave.  Familiarity will give your pup the confidence for subsequent overnight stays.  It also gives DOGMA a chance to observe your pup and make sure that we are a good fit. Regular day care rates apply.  Check out our daycare section for more details.

First visits / Meet & Greet times:

  • Monday-Friday 12PM-4PM
  • Reservation required
  • Minimum 3 hours maximum 6 hours
  • Meet & Greets are $46 flat for any pup
  • For daycare rates check out the pricing section

Food and Medicine


Best to stay consistent with your pups diet, please provide your pups food.  Include all feeding and medicine instructions when you book your stay in your DOGMA portal. No need to bring bedding, blankets etc. the other dogs might damage them.  DOGMA also offers housefood, dry and wet.

Please pre-pack each meal in an individual ziplock bag.  You might want to add an extra 10%-20% of food to each feeding if you think your pup will be active most of the stay.

House food: Dry or wet food is available upon request.  Food fees apply


  • Daycare
  • Boarding
  • Grooming & Spa
  • Walking
  • Classes
  • Training

Large Dogs

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Small Dogs

Under 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Overnight Boarding

One rate for all dogs

One night / 24 Hours


10 Pack +1 Complementary


20 Pack +3 Complementary


Overnight Boarding is a 24 hour block of time that starts when your pup is dropped off at DOGMA. If your pup departs after 24 hours, regular daycare rates may apply.

Cut & Bath:

$120+ View Details

Full Bath:

$105+ View Details

Teeth Brushing

$16 View Details

Shiny Coat Treatment & Relaxer

$19 View Details

Lasting Detangler Treatment

$23 View Details

Brush out

$35+ View Details

Blueberry Facial

$25 View Details

Paw Pedi Soak & Massage

$20 View Details

Nail Trim & File

$20 View Details

Ear Cleaning

$20 View Details

Anal gland expression

$20 View Details

Half Hour (Business Hours)

$25 View Details

One Hour (Business Hours)

$40 View Details

2 Hour Power Walk (Mon & Thur, 11am-1PM)

$45 View Details

Treadmill workout

$30 View Details

Agility Playgroup

$35 View Details

Puppy Socialization Class

$45 View Details

Advanced Agility Training

$50 View Details

Absolute Dog Training

$950 View Details

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