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Training Questions?  Our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page is super informative.

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Why Behavioral Training?

Our expert dog trainers and therapists resolve the most challenging dog behavior issues as well as teach dog and puppy obedience, all in your home. Any breed, age, or issue, we help clients live happier lives together with their dogs!

Build a Foundation for a Great Relationship

We prioritize comprehensive behavioral training for dogs, emphasizing effective communication between humans and canines. Our approach, rooted in respect and compassion, ensures the safety and security of our furry companions, complementing the essential bond between you and your dog.

Why Behavioral Training?

DOGMA’s Bark Buster trainers assist clients with a range of training needs, from basic obedience to addressing inconsistent results. Our focus is on teaching behavior, not just commands, because we believe proper behavior negates the need for constant commands. By understanding your dog’s behavior and communicating effectively, we aim to achieve lasting results. DOGMA’s Bark Busters method to teach you how to “Speak Dog” in the comfort of your home, ensuring consistent and effective training.

Absolute Dog Training

Dog Aggression

Dog aggression typically stems from learned behavior, often due to feelings of vulnerability, fear, or a misunderstanding of their role in their pack. Understanding the root cause is crucial to address triggers that lead to aggression. Types of dog aggression include:

  • Aggression with other dogs
  • Aggression towards humans
  • Food aggression
  • Possessive aggression
  • Territorial aggression
Separation Anxiety

Dogs can develop a strong dependence on their families’ presence. When left alone more frequently without understanding why, dogs may experience Separation Anxiety, a complex behavioral issue with negative consequences. Early intervention can alleviate many challenges for both dogs and owners. Symptoms of separation anxiety may include:

  • Vocalization (excessive howling and barking)
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Destructive behavior (like chewing and digging)
  • Excessive panting
  • Pacing and drooling
Sibling Rivalry

Whether dogs are actual siblings or simply living together, Sibling Rivalry is one of the most serious issues people face with their dogs. DOGMA’s Bark Busters trainers can help identify the causes of any rivalry issues, and work to address them before they escalate. These often include:

  • Avoiding pain
  • Lack of leadership
  • Favoritism
  • Inconsistency
Other Common Issues

Toilet Training:

There’s no way around it: toilet training is vital for pet owners and dogs.

Establishing a toilet training routine with puppies (usually at around three months old) requires time, effort, and consistency to yield results, but the benefits are well worth it.

Dog Seeking Attention:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Chewing

It’s normal to acknowledge the reality: we can’t always be with our beloved pups. Despite being endless sources of joy, our busy lives mean we can’t spend every moment with them. Consequently, dogs may exhibit negative behaviors like barking, jumping, and chewing due to lack of attention. While frustrating, it’s manageable.

How much?

We charge a one time fee of $3500.   Once you and your pup is in the system, you will have access to our trainers for the life of your pup.

Most common issues:

• leash pulling

• aggression towards other dogs

• wanting to greet every dog on the street

• counter surfing

• barking excessively at doorbell or buzzer

• running away or hiding before walk time

• demanding behaviors (growling, pawing, jumping, ankle biting)

• jumping on others

• potty training or accidents in the home

• food aggression

• toy aggression

• biting other dogs at daycare

• depression or anxiety

• separation anxiety

• skateboards, bikes and scooter counter conditioning

• not listening when called

• waking you up in the middle of the night

• picky eaters / grazers


Large Dogs

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided) per meal


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided) per meal


Medication Administration, per day


Small Dogs

Under 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided)


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided)


Medication Administration


Overnight Boarding

One rate for all dogs

One night / 24 Hours


10 Pack +1 Complementary


20 Pack +3 Complementary


Medication Administration (per day)


DOGMA provided food (per day)


Overnight Boarding is a 24 hour block of time that starts when your pup is dropped off at DOGMA. If your pup departs after 24 hours, regular daycare rates may apply. What's included: •Feedings of dog up to 3 times per •Two relief walks per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon •What's extra: •Medication administration •Half hour, 1 hour walks •Agility Playgroups •Agility Training •2 Hour Power Walk •House food •Owner provides food. Medication administration is not included.

Cut & Bath:

$140+ View Details

Full Bath:

$105+ View Details

Teeth Brushing

$16 View Details

Shiny Coat Treatment & Relaxer

$19 View Details

Lasting Detangler Treatment

$23 View Details

Brush out

$35+ View Details

Blueberry Facial

$25 View Details

Paw Pedi Soak & Massage

$20 View Details

Nail Trim & File

$20 View Details

Ear Cleaning

$20 View Details

Anal gland expression

$20 View Details

Half Hour (Business Hours)

$25 / $30 View Details

One Hour (Business Hours)

$40 / $45 View Details

2 Hour Power Walk (Mon & Thur, 11am-1PM)

$50 View Details

Treadmill workout

$30 View Details

Agility Playgroup

$35 View Details

Advanced Agility Training

$50 View Details

Absolute Dog Training

$3500 View Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

We require that you are part of the dog training.  It is with you that your pup continues to live.  You are going to be the one that will implement the commands and do’s and don’t’s.   We call it dog training, but essentially we are gently training you too 🙂

The one time fee includes follow up sessions anywhere in the United States:  We recommend these refreshers at the first signs of regression, or if there are any changes in your lifestyle.

Yes.  In order get started you need an account.

The Absolute Training Program is a dedicated program that takes place one on one with you, your dog and the trainer.  This must be done by appointment and outside of Daycare.

It is up to you.  Generally, the question could be rephrased to:  Do I want to have a rich, stress free and balanced experience with my dog?

Until dogs are trained they generally think they are in charge and need to protect you.  Once training commences they will experience that you are in charge.

The training will give you the tools to get started on your journey for a more balanced , stress free and healthy experience with our pup.  Specific behaviors such as leash biting, jumping on other dogs and humans are relatively easy to mitigate.  It really depends on you to continue what you’ve learned, for a good behaving puppy.

A wholesome approach to your puppy is the one that makes most sense.  Absolute Dog Training is not here to teach your pup isolated tricks.  The general approach with your pup is what the training is going to address.

Yes. We can train multiple dogs in your family.  However, depending on the dogs’ temperament the trainer might suggest to have alone sessions with each pup.  Absolute Dog Training is charged per dog.

Generally the trainer will meet you and your pup at your home to get started.  Depending on the need of the training, the sessions can also take place outside, at the dog park or at DOGMA.

On our website hit the get started button.  Once you created an account and added your pup to it, just call our office to be invited to the Absolute Dog Training program.

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