Grooming For Dog Royalty

Treat your pup to the best grooming experience in town.  Consistent grooming visits promotes health, shinier coats, good breath, and a good smelling pup.

Grooming Questions?  Our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page is super informative.


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Healthy Shiny Coats

Reduce shedding and promote healthy shiny coats using DOGMA’s spa services.  We use organic & natural grooming products.

Our expert groomers are in high demand, please book at least two months ahead.

While your pup is with us, we do take our time to make sure that the pup feels comfortable and relaxed during their spa stay.

The golden touch & Consistency

Our experienced master groomers bring expertise, knowledge and incredible results to the table.  We make the pups comfortable in our calm and relaxed environment.

Our clients know that consistent maintenance of a pup’s hygiene and looks makes for a more comfortable and happier dog.

What to expect from DOGMA grooming:

DOGMA full groom spa services include:

  • Brush out & blow out
  • Deshedding
  • Master cut
  • Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner rinse
  • Lasting Detangler treatment (additional charge)
  • Nail trim & file
  • Anal gland expression (if necessary)
  • Ear cleaning

Additional services available in your DOGMA portal


Before We Get Started

Create an Account & Book ahead


Our grooming specialists are in high demand.  Spots are filling up six weeks ahead.  Please call our office once you created your account.

Vaccination Records


Please provide up to date vaccination records. Simply upload them to your DOGMA portal, or email them to: [email protected]

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHPP)


Large Dogs

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided) per meal


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided) per meal


Medication Administration, per day


Small Dogs

Under 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided)


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided)


Medication Administration


Overnight Boarding

One rate for all dogs

One night / 24 Hours


10 Pack +1 Complementary


20 Pack +3 Complementary


Medication Administration (per day)


DOGMA provided food (per day)


Overnight Boarding is a 24 hour block of time that starts when your pup is dropped off at DOGMA. If your pup departs after 24 hours, regular daycare rates may apply. What's included: •Feedings of dog up to 3 times per •Two relief walks per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon •What's extra: •Medication administration •Half hour, 1 hour walks •Agility Playgroups •Agility Training •2 Hour Power Walk •House food •Owner provides food. Medication administration is not included.

Cut & Bath:

$140+ View Details

Full Bath:

$105+ View Details

Teeth Brushing

$16 View Details

Shiny Coat Treatment & Relaxer

$19 View Details

Lasting Detangler Treatment

$23 View Details

Brush out

$35+ View Details

Blueberry Facial

$25 View Details

Paw Pedi Soak & Massage

$20 View Details

Nail Trim & File

$20 View Details

Ear Cleaning

$20 View Details

Anal gland expression

$20 View Details

Half Hour (Business Hours)

$25 / $30 View Details

One Hour (Business Hours)

$40 / $45 View Details

2 Hour Power Walk (Mon & Thur, 11am-1PM)

$50 View Details

Treadmill workout

$30 View Details

Agility Playgroup

$35 View Details

Advanced Agility Training

$50 View Details

Absolute Dog Training

$3500 View Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full groom includes:

  • •Thorough brushout
  • •Bath with oatmeal shampoo & rinse
  • •Ear cleaning
  • •Nail trim
  • •Anal gland expression if necessary
  • •Full body hair cut



We have an exciting offer of services that your pup would love to have:

  • •Blueberry Facial
  • •Paw Pedi Soak
  • •Lasting Detangler Treatment
  • •Shiny Coat Treatment
  • •Bath only
  • •Brush out only

No. We can service your pups nails without an appointment.  Walk-in times are Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.

You do need an account with us for any services.  Please select the get started button on DOGMA’s website and upload your pups vaccination records.


We offer grooming seven days a week.  Please make sure to call ahead and make an appointment.

Depending of the severity of the matting our groomers will advise you what to expect.  If the matting is localized in a just a few spots the groomers might say that the coat can be dematted and brushed out.

Severe matting: Is when larger areas of the coat are matted.  The groomers might advise that it is best for the pup to get a short haircut to remove the mats.  Our concern is the comfort and safety of the dog.  Brushing out large mats might be painful for the pup and our groomers will advise against it.


The best way to maintain your pups coat is to brush it regularly.  If your pup does not let you brush its coat, you can always book a brush out between grooms

Remember, if your pup gets brushed out between haircuts , subsequent grooming session will be a much richer experience for your pup.  Plus, your options regarding style and length of the coat are wide open.

A de-matting takes place when a pup’s coat has a few knots and/or matts.   This service is required if you don’t want the dog to be shaved.   A de-matting ads time to a conventional groom.

Fully matted dogs cannot be de-matted without causing pain to the dog.  Fully  matted dogs won’t be de-matted by our groomers.

A proper brushout is when the groomer brushes and combs the entire coat from skin on out.

Many a pup parent say that they brush their pup regularly.  However, keep in mind that doing topical brushouts does not prevent matting.  It is common for a coat that looks fluffy to have underlying mattings and knots.

Generally a full groom can take between 2-4 hours.  However, we’ve experienced more matted dogs lately that take longer and hold up our schedule.

The DOGMA grooming style is gentle and not fast.  We make sure that each pup is comfortable and ready to be bathed, groomed during their spa stay.

Make sure you are not in a rush the day of your pups groom.

Dogs hang out with other grooming dogs and watch the action.  Our staff will give water and take the pups out for a quick relief walk to make sure that they are comfortable on the table.

DOGMA staff will text and/or call you when your pup is about to be done.

Yes! We encourage you to book multiple grooming sessions for three even six months ahead.  Our groomers are in high, so please plan ahead.

All services require reservations.  Simply request services via your DOGMA portal for:

  • •Daycare
  • •Overnight Boarding
  • •Grooming*
  • •Agility Playgroups
  • •Advanced Agility Training
  • •2 Hour Power Walks
  • •Walks
  • •Treadmill
  • •Homeservices

*There are no cancelation fees except for grooming cancels.  A less than 24 hour cancelation notice may occur a cancelation fee.

Yes!  We prefer to have your pup at DOGMA for the day.  Dogs that have played in daycare are more relaxed during the grooming session.  When our groomer is ready, we simply bring your dog in to grooming.  You can pick up your fresh pup at the end of the day.

Some pups are just cool and let the groomer guide them through the session.  Some pups get nippy, excited and have a lot to say during a session.

Our groomers have the golden touch and are able to calm most any dog.  When that is not possible the groomers will make a judgement call on what treatments they feel are safe to proceed with.  It goes without saying that the groomers will not bring sharp objects near a dog if the dog is not calm.

It depends on your pups breed and coat.

Any kind of doodle mix should be brushed out regularly between grooms.  On average we see a dog anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.  However, it is best to have a brush out session between grooms.  When adopting this routine you can keep a longer fluffier coat and the subsequent grooming session is going to be a more pleasurable experience for the pup.

Double coated dogs should get daily brush out by you.  However, a deep brush out by groomers can be spaced once every 3-4 weeks.  During shedding season more often.

Remember, you know your pup best.  Dogs enjoy being clean, fresh and brushed.

It does depend on your breed and the activity / outside walking routine you have with your pup.   A rough average range should be around every 4 weeks.

If you delay nail trims for your pup the quick, which is the blood vessel / nerve of the nail will grow too.  Every time the nails get cut, the quick will slightly retreat.  That is the best case scenario to keep your pups nails nice and short.

Remember long nails can cause pain on a pup’s paw when walking.

Your dog is unique.  If you request your pup to look like someone else, we might inform you that such an expectation is not in the best interest of the dog.  Plus, it is a task that will setup us up to not meet your expectations.

When going for a groom, we want to make sure that the dog’s needs are met.  Our groomers are available to accommodate attainable style preferences.

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