Jun Takama

CEO and Founder

Jun was born in Tokyo, a 6th-generation Eddoko (as those born and raised in Tokyo, formerly Edo, call themselves). She spent the first ten years of her life there, the daughter of a family that loved art and travel. It was in Tokyo that she fell in love with her first dog, a miniature poodle named Liz. At 10 Jun moved to Paris, where, thanks to her entrepreneur father’s many creative friends, she was immersed in the worlds of fashion, art and photography.

If Japan, with its refined aesthetics and reverence for technique, inspired in Jun an appreciation for craftsmanship, Paris taught her the nobility of exceptional service. She experienced firsthand the pride and satisfaction of people—waiters sommeliers, hoteliers--for whom service was a chosen profession.

At 17, the free-spirited teenager moved on her own to Northern California and, following in the steps of other women in her family, became a hair stylist. The deep satisfaction Jun found in taking care of her clients—understanding their needs, anticipating their requests and ultimately finding solutions that brought them happiness—helped make her a sought-after talent. Eventually she moved to the East Coast and, after 10 years in Hudson Square, she now lives in the West Village with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Koharu and Koyuki.