Agility Playgroups

Agility Playgroups provide structured play with an emphasis of verbal cues following.  Good for any New York that can use a challenge and wants to acquire new skills.

Agility Questions?  Our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page is super informative.

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Agility Playgroup

Agility Playgroups are hosted three times a week.  The groups are great for newcomers and seasoned veterans.  The groups focus on obstacle familiarization and clearance, through verbal cues.  We introduce the dogs to ramps, weaving poles, tunnels, hoops, teeter totters,  a-frames, skateboards, treat puzzles and throw and fetch games.

What to expect:  In addition to a physical work out, dogs that come consistently have shown comprehension of verbal cues.  This helps with your interaction of your pup.

Treadmill Run

All dogs get walked.  But some dogs need to run.  Especially working dogs.   This service offers your pup the opportunity to go on a full out run for as long as they want.

Our dedicated staffer will gently introduce your pup to the treadmill.  This is a one on one session without any other dogs.  The treadmill is non-motorized and only moves when your dog moves.

Advanced Agility Training

Advanced Agility Training, is run by a certified agility trainer. The goal is to teach your pup to follow verbal cues. We have seen amazing results with pups that barely respond to their own names when they started with us.  We found that the key to success is consistent attendance.

What to expect:  Consistent attendance results in your pup’s learning how to interact with human commands and increase their performance vs. reward intelligence.


Large Dogs

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided) per meal


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided) per meal


Medication Administration, per day


Small Dogs

Under 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Full Day, more than six hours


10 Pack Half Day +1 Complementary


10 Pack Full Day +1 Complementary


20 Pack Half Day +3 Complementary


20 Pack Full Day +3 Complementary


Meal (Owner Provided)


Meal, dry or wet (DOGMA Provided)


Medication Administration


Overnight Boarding

One rate for all dogs

One night / 24 Hours


10 Pack +1 Complementary


20 Pack +3 Complementary


Medication Administration (per day)


DOGMA provided food (per day)


Overnight Boarding is a 24 hour block of time that starts when your pup is dropped off at DOGMA. If your pup departs after 24 hours, regular daycare rates may apply. What's included: •Feedings of dog up to 3 times per •Two relief walks per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon •What's extra: •Medication administration •Half hour, 1 hour walks •Agility Playgroups •Agility Training •2 Hour Power Walk •House food •Owner provides food. Medication administration is not included.

Cut & Bath:

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Full Bath:

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Teeth Brushing

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Shiny Coat Treatment & Relaxer

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Lasting Detangler Treatment

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Brush out

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Blueberry Facial

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Paw Pedi Soak & Massage

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Nail Trim & File

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Ear Cleaning

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Anal gland expression

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Half Hour (Business Hours)

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One Hour (Business Hours)

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2 Hour Power Walk (Mon & Thur, 11am-1PM)

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Treadmill workout

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Agility Playgroup

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Advanced Agility Training

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Absolute Dog Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our classes are 2 hours long.  The Agility Playgroup is a guided group play class.  Each dog gets to experience different props, ramps, weave poles, tunnels and much more.


We have noticed that pups that are consistently coming to one of our activity classes benefit the most.  A pup might come for weeks and just observe the other dogs.  After some time of mere observation the pups come out of their shell and loose their fear and interact with other pups and toys.  The tunnel is a good example: It is a long tube that is not stationary, yet over time the pups overcome their fears and approach and sniff the tunnel and eventually make it in and through.

Play in a safe environment gives the pups a rich experience and sense of fulfillment.  Of course they get a treat upon task completion:)

You can watch the classes through our live video feed.  It’s the best show in town!  However, you cannot stay for safety and distraction reasons.

The Agility Training Group is a 2 hour training group headed up by a certified Agility Trainer.   Dogs learn specific skills through verbal queues.  Dogs get introduced to toys, obstacles and games that challenge the dog’s body & mind.

After the Agility Training class the trainer will give you feedback and suggestions about your dog’s direction and potential.


Yes.  You can bring your pup for classes only.  As a matter of fact we have clients that do just that.  Sometimes people bring their pup for a daycare day plus a class.  Or overnight boarding plus walks and classes.

Your pup still needs to pass an initial Meet & Greet, be vaccinated and needs to be spayed / neutered if older than 7 months.  Just like daycare dogs.  Please check out the Meet & Greet requirements in the daycare section.

Depending on your dogs temperament and our trainer’s suggestions we can decide on what is best for your pup.  Having said that, dogs surprise us when they come out of their shell and show us a whole new side of their character and how they want to engage and play.  Some breeds are highly intelligent and love challenging activities.

One of the key elements in your dog’s training and happiness is consistency and repetition.   Whatever you decide, keep in mind that consistency and repetition should be considered as part of your decision.

The Agility Playgroup is an open group environment.  While the other dogs socialize / play, a single dog will be chosen to go through the obstacle course a bunch of times.  Upon completion of each rotation the pup gets to sit and receive a treat.  This is repeated until will see an improvement.

Repeating each task is how pups learn.  Surprisingly the other pups also learn by witnessing the other’s task completion.


The maximum per class is 15 dogs.  We usually average 10 pups per class and find that this is the sweet spot.

Advanced Agility Training is headed up by a certified Agility Trainer.  This class is open to all even dogs that have never been to the Agility Playgroups.  Our trainers have witnessed some of the most shy and some of most active dogs do really well in this class.

The overall goal is to get through to the dog and have them follow verbal queues.  In addition, we find that city dogs are sometimes skittish around obstacles and things that are not permanently fixed to the ground.  Tunnels, ramps, teeter totters, are all things that pups at first shy away from.  By helping them build up their confidence, the pups will have a richer life experience.



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